Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my carpets take to dry?

There are many factors to take into account when it comes to drying times, such as depth of pile, weather, ventilation and temperature in the property. The high performance machine we sue extracts the maximum amount of water possible so carpets are only left slightly damp and can be walked on straight after cleaning with indoor shoes. In most cases carpets will be completely dry in 2-4 hours – a lot less if the weather is nice.

What process do you use to clean carpets?

We use Hot Water extraction to clean carpets. This method ensure carpets get the deepest lean possible and is recognised by carpet manufacturers as the best method to clean carpets.

Will my carpets re-soil quickly after being cleaned?

No, not when they have been cleaned by RB Professional. Rapid re-soiling usually occurs when solutions have not been rinsed from the carpet fibres properly. We thoroughly rinse the fibres so no residues remain – meaning carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Will my Children/pets be affected by the cleaning solutions used?

No, the professional cleaning solutions we use have been tested for their affects on the environment and occupants of the areas in which they will be used. All the solutions we use are thoroughly rinsed and neutralised during the cleaning process.

How regularly should I have my carpets cleaned?

Carpets should be cleaned every six to twelve months. Regular cleaning will help to prolong the carpet life and eliminate dust mites and bacteria living deep in the carpet.

Why would I choose a professional carpet cleaner over the cheaper alternative of DIY machines?

A good professional carpet cleaner will pre-vac your carpets, apply a powerful solution to the whole of your carpet, massage this in using a counter rotating brush agitation machines, use the right techniques and solutions on spots and stains and then powerfully rinse and extract everything from the carpet leaving it only damp to touch.

Using a DIY machine – many of these important steps are missed out completely, not only this the machine we use to rinse and extract everything from the carpet is significantly more powerful than a DIY machine; meaning the dirty water ends up in our machine and not the carpet. Problems associated with this include damage to the carpet due to increased drying times and rapid re-sailing due to sticky solutions not being rinsed from the carpet properly.

Will it be possible to remove all the stains from my carpets?

Many stains can be removed completely; some stains however are permanent but can be made less visible.

What furniture needs to be moved in preparation for my carpets being cleaned?

As many small items of furniture as possible will be removed from the carpet before cleaning commences, larger items such as sofas and armchairs can remain in the room and be moved during the cleaning process.

Do I need to vacuum my carpets before your visit?

No, all carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed prior to cleaning using an industrial vacuum.

Are you available on the weekends?

Yes, we always try to arrange an appointment that suits you.