Carpet Protection



RB Professional Carpet Cleaning offer a carpet protection service which is the ideal solution for protecting your carpets against soils and stains.

Having a carpet protector applied to your carpets will not only protect them against common household stains and spills, it will also protect the carpet fibres from general wear and tear so prolonging your carpets life.

Carpet protector can be applied to either brand new carpets or freshly cleaned carpets. The advanced formula is sprayed on to carpets via a fine mist sprayer then brushed in using a carpet pile brush to ensure all carpet fibres are completely protected.

At RB Professional Carpet Cleaning we use Fluoroseal Plus Carpet Protector supplied by market leaders Prochem. Fluoreseal Plus Carpet Protector offers the most advanced protection against general soils and common household spills.


Benefits of Fluoroseal Plus Carpet Protector

  • Stain blocker technology helps prevent staining
  • Fibres are coated with a protective barrier reducing wear on fibres
  • Penetration of liquid is reduced, making spills easier to remove
  • Repels oily soils such as cooking fats, grease, hair and body oils



As with all of our services, RB Professional’s carpet protection service is fully insured and comes recommended, vetted and monitored as part of our Checkatrade partnership.

If you require more information or would like to arrange for a free quotation please call us or use the contact form provided.